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UAS: The new government that could make Dubai look like child’s play

According to a World Economic Forum report published five years ago, collaboration is critical for global growth. The report noted that bridging the global infrastructural gaps had been a challenge that the World Economic Forum sought to address and had created many partnerships in its efforts. Part of the agreements included a Sustainable Development Investment Partnership between different governments and financial companies. The partnership targeted to finance the development of sustainable infrastructural facilities.

Today, the global economy faces a set of drawbacks, and inequality in resource endowment and state policies play a significant part. However, different entities are dedicating serious efforts to end the global inequalities through agreements and collaborations. The United Allied States currently seems to be the most practical solution to global economic problems. The independent sovereign entity is putting concerted efforts to help achieve economic growth and equality through its core values of mutually beneficial collaboration and freedom.

The United Allied States First Collaboration

The United Allied States has a set of goals that it seeks to achieve and help states realize meaningful advantages through its program. The entity provides each member state an opportunity to start over in unity while taking into account the lessons learned from past mistakes of other countries. One of its major goals is establishing a stable government that will set out the policies to ensure the freedom of business entities and individuals and the security of these economic players. To achieve this goal, the United Allied States announced its partnership with Apollo Fintech, a leading financial technology company. 

United Allied States E-Governance

As a financial technology company and a blockchain technology guru with an array of products and services, Apollo Fintech is collaborating with UAS for a mutual benefit. Apollo Fintech will be selling its products and services to UAS, while the latter utilizes Apollo Blockchain capabilities in its e-governance system. The United Allied States seeks to have the most efficient government system, and blockchain technology is the most viable option. 

The entity will manage and secure the sovereign states’ resources through blockchain’s unhackable and immutable ledger. Apollo’s blockchain-based products like the National Currency System, Government Banking Platform, Tax System, and Bank to Bank Networks, among others, will be quite useful for UAS goals. It will be able to institute its policies of zero taxes and minimal regulation to support a free-market enterprise. Further, blockchain-based products and services such as e-payment platforms and cashless currency will give UAS citizens and the allies some economic advantage. 

The creation of a free-market enterprise includes not only the elimination of taxes and regulation. UAS is also committed to ensuring the security and safety of its citizens in the market. It will ensure political stability, which is essential for economic operations. It will also be a force for defending innocent victims against disruptive militaries and radical groups that have been expanding, especially in Africa. 

United Allied States Collaboration Program 

The United Allied States has a determination to ensure nations’ prosperity through a mutual collaboration program to create a global nation of sovereign states. The program will involve the signing of a treaty between the UAS and the partnering states. Each of the states signing the agreement will now become the freedom-oriented economic zones through which the UAS seeks. The sovereign economic centers will be permanent entities tasked with providing partner nations with resources. The critical resources that the states will provide include food, energy, jobs, and infrastructure. 

The treaty will be an excellent opportunity to develop areas considered high-risk zones as UAS will ensure the availability of essential infrastructure in such areas. As an entity committed to becoming a global leader in finance and technology, UAS will be the ultimate pathway to realizing the American dream in Africa and the rest of the world. It plans on massive investment in research and development by providing incentives to entities leading in technology, which will maximize economic growth by creating the best business environment. 

Entrepreneurs in the sovereign states will enjoy a free market and the best tools for success while citizens enjoy unprecedented national facilities for healthcare and education. The UAS program will place back money in the pockets of citizens by availing unprecedented opportunities in employment. It will utilize blockchain technology that guarantees transparency while bringing efficiency and economic control using a stable national currency.


While the United Allied States has the core value of creating a global nation composed of sovereign states, its principles create a clear picture of fostering economic growth. The entity is availing the necessary resources, policies, and environment for economic growth. A collaboration of the aspects of political stability, free-market enterprise, and respect and protection of human life present a perfect environment for wealth creation. 

Besides, the program will impact the lives of the partnering states in the economic and social aspects. The first fully blockchain-based government will provide unprecedented healthcare and education, which will help improve social life.

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