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Stratus An All-Round Social Media Network Ameliorating Data Privacy

Stratus is a new social media ecosystem merging a world of communication, finance, education, business, etc. This platform is a product of Apollo fintech, a world-acclaimed technological company praised for developing major fintech solutions. 

The new Stratus platform will give the ultimate simplicity and accessibility to social networking. It will merge major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, medium, twitch, PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon, etc. The services will be accessible on the platform’s main dashboard with just a few clicks. 

This new social network will also be the solution to security and privacy issues currently menacing existing social media ecosystems. But how will Stratus achieve topmost security?

The Ultimate Solution to Data Selling

The issue of data selling is a serious problem today. Some of the most trusted social platforms today, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, engage in selling their users’ data. Using Stratus, social media enthusiasts will be guaranteed that their online time is spy free. 

Stratus believes that selling personal data is a serious violation of privacy, and tracking users’ phones and locations is a threat to their security. The Stratus team, led by CEO Stephen McCullah, will work hard to ensure that the personal data remains private and that only the data owners can share it. 

To bolster security, the platform institutes military-grade end-to-end encryption techniques for every communication passing through the network, ensuring there is no backdoor to personal communication. 

Sensitive info used for signing up, such as the user email, username, and all other details, will remain private to each account. When using the new social platform, persons will not see unwarranted ads that pop up every few seconds. 

Championing for Zero Censorship and Content Security

Content creators will enjoy the protocols set by Stratus aimed at creating a censorship-free environment. Unlike most platforms that restrict certain content or even ban dissident views, McCullah’s social network is setting itself apart by becoming the first social network that truly promotes the free flow of ideas on the internet. 

Stratus will also champion free speech protection at all times, as the platform believes that this is a basic human right. Indeed protecting freedom of speech will drive a better society and drive global innovations.

You Can Transact Safely Online on Stratus

Stratus will also provide a world of financial services, both in the crypto and fiat worlds. The platform introduces a system that will offer an alternative to trading platforms such as Robinhood crypto exchange Coinbase. It will be providing the first-ever universal wallet, one that will support thousands of crypto assets. 

Therefore, McCullah’s new social network will institute mechanisms to encrypt user finances and privacy to protect transacting parties from hacking attempts and other malicious undertakings. All users can apply for the blue badge system to prove their identity, thus protecting against scams. The Apollo blockchain hub also majorly contributes to Stratus’s financial security. This blockchain uses a technique called IP masking to guarantee that the IP addresses of the persons completing transactions remain anonymous. IP masking is vital since it helps eliminate the traceability of transactions and user locations.

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