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New NFT Collection Ape Gorilla Created To Enrich Entrepreneurs With Unique Business Building Education

New Launch Creates Club With Networking And Charitable Ties

Jan. 14, 2022—New non-fungible token (NFT) collection Ape Gorilla, which just opened its presale whitelist, is giving holders of its 11,337 uniquely designed 3D Ape Gorillas access to the world’s savviest crypto visionaries and NFT collectors through the exclusive Ape Gorilla Club. Joining the $40 billion NFT market, Ape Gorilla was founded to give everyone the same opportunities to grow, succeed, and increase their personal happiness index through business-building education, tools and networking opportunities. Ape Gorilla NFTs will be available on, the world’s largest digital marketplace for NFTs, and created on the ETH blockchain.

The unique Ape Gorilla Club gives Ape Gorilla NFT holders access to a community organization that offers business investment opportunities, play-to-earn gamification utilities and daily token rewards, plus business consultation services, education and academies on topics like Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, and drag-and-drop merch building software to enable sales of their NFT designs. More community benefits include access to entrepreneur business software, masterminds, brainstorming sessions and networking events, both in real life and in the growing Metaverse—all to help Ape Gorilla holders grow themselves and their own businesses and find success.

Each of the 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla 3D models has been designed with love by an international artist team. Ape Gorillas have more than 300 traits, giving holders a high variation of rare traits. Certain custom traits grant holders access to particular events, depending on the utility assigned to each trait and their rarity. For example, a “Golden Ticket” trait will allow the holder access to physical concerts, merch and a meeting in the Metaverse, while “Bronze Ticket” traits allow access to only the meeting in the Metaverse. Holders can also gain higher levels of access to club events and VIP status by owning more Ape Gorilla NFTs or owning a super rare Ape Gorilla.

“The $40 billion NFT market is growing at light speed, and we wanted to give people a way to not only get in on the market now but to also enrich their own business and personal lives and grow their companies,” said Silvan Schwarz, Visionary Manifestor of Ape Gorilla. “That’s why the Ape Gorilla Club opens access for its holders to learn even more about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and building a sustainable and thriving business.

“Being part of the Ape Gorilla Club offers the opportunity of being provided with angel investment funds, business consultation services to increase your brand equity. Ape Gorilla opens the door to a growing community, networking events, education platforms, youth development, job opportunities, and daily token rewards given with the Meta Gorilla Cryptocurrency to each NFT holder and all while increasing the NFT’s value to the holder, and using the tokens in play to earn games.”

Ape Gorilla bases its business on the Personal Happiness Index, aligned with the Gross National Happiness Index created by the Kingdom of Bhutan, which doesn’t pass a law unless it meets specific criteria on its happiness index such as mental health, education, and sustainability. The Ape Gorilla founders employ a similar approach to its business and to helping Ape Gorilla Club members, which is why the Ape Gorilla Club will provide more than $3 million in angel investments to its holders’ business proposals, with the criteria that the business objective is to help others or change people’s lives. Ape Gorilla is also donating 700 ETH to the Community Growth Organization program created and partnered with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Ape Gorilla Whitelist is now open, offering the chance to purchase for presale before it goes to the moon! The whitelist is open from 2 p.m. EST Jan. 11 to 2:22 p.m. EST Feb. 2. When the presale opens on Feb. 2, The 1,337 whitelist spaces will be distributed and minitable on which will then be displayed on Opensea, with winner announcements taking place on Discord. Book your seat next to the world’s savviest crypto visionaries and collectors in this exclusive community: Join the Whitelist now. The whitelist presale will begin on the 2nd of February 2022, with each NFT costing 0.38 ETH plus approximately ~$30 for gas expenses. The public sale is yet to be announced, with each NFT costing 0.58 ETH plus approximately ~$30 for gas.

Want to customize your own Ape Gorilla to commemorate or celebrate your business, event or charity? Contact the Ape Gorilla team to create your own video animation and promote your Ape Gorilla custom trait.

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Welcome to the Ape Gorilla Club. Our mission is to empower our community in educational growth, business and networking opportunities, play to earn games, test our boundaries and create a community mindset around a Happiness Index, modeled by the Kingdom of Bhutan. Ape Gorilla was created by a motivated group of individuals who wanted to bring a community together with a product to make a positive change. Based on the 3D models of 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla non-fungible tokens (NFTs), members of the Ape Gorilla Club gain access to online and real-life business-building education, angel investment opportunities, charity collaborations, exclusive business development software and other benefits.

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