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Most effortless approach to Buy, Stake and Earn Cryptocurrencies


Most effortless approach to Buy, Stake and Earn Cryptocurrencies

Acknowledged Payment Methods

Purchase in 3 stages


Make a Griffex account
Joining on Griffex takes seconds. Your name and email is all we have to begin.

Griffex information exchange

Confirm your Identity
Next, we have to ensure that it’s truly you. Browse numerous confirmation strategies and we will tell you when it’s set.

Deal with your Crypto

That is it. You get every one of the devices you have to deal with your advanced resources. Purchase, Stke and Earn Crypto at a similar spot.

What we Offer

1 Purchase and Sell Cryptocurrency

A crypto trade can be scary and complex, so we’ve evacuated all the issue to give you a lean and simple approach to purchase sell digital forms of money.

2 Griffex Wallets

Exchanges and the board become tedious and testing when your crypto is dissipated. You can store, send and get numerous benefits with Griffex.

3 Staking on PoS Networks

Evidence of Stake systems accompany staking rewards. Essentially pick a system to stake and we’ll credit your crypto returms to your wallet consequently.

Our Features


Move at Zero Fee
Sending and getting crypto ought to be quicker and less expensive than with fiat, that is the reason you can make crypto installments between Griffex Wallets in a flash and free of cost. You don’t need to manage complex wallet addresses on the off chance that you would prefer not to, you can simply send resources for an email or telephone number.


In-manufactured Staking
You can stake your tokens from the wallet itself. We give you thorough details like Estimated Earnings, Fee, Reward Cycle, Unbonding Period in your wallet dashboard, and with monotonous staking, your prizes get aggravated each time.


Shrewd Beta Indices
Track showcase development, costs, and portfolio execution with our Millennial, Gen X and Boomers records. Each file is structured in view of an alternate piece and objective.


Verified Custodial Wallets
We take cautious measures to guarantee that your assets are protected with us. Griffex wallets accompany default two-factor validation, stage wide SSL encryption, greater part of assets in chilly wallet stockpiles and dynamic record observing to ward off noxious on-screen characters.


Just around the corner
Exceptionally quick micropayments
We accept that sending cash ought not be a costly endeavor however blockchains are very expensive with regards to micropayments, that is the reason we are coordinating the Lightning Network inside our wallet. You’ll have the option to make moment settlements at an unobtrusive charge, in any event, when managing in minor measures of crypto.


Just around the corner
GFX Token Rewards

Get compensated in GFX tokens and use them to pay exchange expenses and procure staking rewards.

How might I pay?

pay with ace card
pay with visa
Card Payments

Three of the most well known card marks on the planet. Pay with Visa, JCB or Mastercard.


quick pay
Bank Transfer
Make secure global cash move with SWIFT system and easy, cross-outskirt Euro moves with SEPA.

Digital money

We acknowledge Crypto, normally. Pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Griffex is a marketplace for smart sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, a flexible trading platform presenting an opportunity for seasoned investors, retail traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts atmanaging multi-currency investment portfolio.Griffex is a rapidly growing number of initial coin offerings (ICO) has led to more than 2000 new cryptocurrencies .Griffex adore the flexibility of trading with multiple cryptocurrencies, the sensational charm in new-agecommerce and financing that has attracted millions towards this revolutionary mannerism ofinvesting. However, the inefficiencies inherent the traditional crypto-exchange models, coupled with the dearth of quality tokens and lack of incentives continue to act as a bulwark against the eventualadoption of technology that has such far-reaching consequences.

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